Over the course of my research I have published extensively on issues around Sikh and Muslim relations across a range of academic platforms. My research has also generated wider interest beyond the academic world featuring on a number of media, community and activist outlets. See below for further details.

Books, Journal Articles, and Book Chapters

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Online Commentaries/Contributions

Being Sikh in the war on terror means facing increasing profiling (Feb 2018) TRT World

‘Moving Beyond the Colonial Divide: Sikh and Muslim Relations’ (Oct 2017) Consented Magazine

Patriarchy, Islamophobia and Misogyny: On challenging the politics of Sikh Youth UK (Oct 2017) Ceasefire Magazine

Influential Sikh youth group associating with far-right EDL founder Tommy Robinson (Oct 2017) The Independent

Misused Trust: A story of Islamophobia, patriarchy and vigilantism (Aug 2017) Ceasefire Magazine

Love Jihad: Sikh Parents’ Fear of Their Children Dating Muslims (Aug 2017) Vice News

The perils of ‘flying while Muslim’ (Aug 2016) The Guardian

Sikhs, War, Memory (June 2014) Open Democracy

British Sikhs: Is it Time to Decolonise? (Feb 2014) The Platform

Gurdwaras, Guns and Grudges (Aug 2012) The Platform

The Grooming We Can’t Hide From (June 2012) The Platform